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At the USC Dornsife Center for the Political Future, we bring together top Republicans and Democrats to transcend partisan divisions and explore solutions to our most pressing national and global challenges. Join veteran strategists Bob Shrum and Mike Murphy along with other Center staff and major voices in the Bully Pulpit for fun conversations that advance civil dialogue and practical politics. When President Theodore Roosevelt coined the phrase bully pulpit, bully meant “wonderful”; and Roosevelt, according to the Oxford Dictionary, was envisioning “an outstanding opportunity to speak out on any issue.” Hear from famous people who’ve known success and setbacks, whether they worked for Donald Trump or Barack Obama, G.W. Bush or Bill Clinton, the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. The conversations go behind the curtain with elected officials, campaign staff, journalists, academics, pundits, and political operatives. Every exchange is guided by standards central to the Center’s mission: Respect each other and respect the truth. Opponents are adversaries, not enemies. And if you lose, don’t burn down the stadium. The Bully Pulpit was formerly called Election R&D.

Nov 6, 2020

CPF Co-Directors Bob Shrum and Mike Murphy are joined by journalist Adam Nagourney, Republican strategist Mike Madrid, and USC Professor Jane Junn to discuss the future of polling, the Republican Party, and the latest election results.

Nagourney has been the Los Angeles Bureau Chief of the New York Times since 2010 and Madrid is a co-founder of The Lincoln Project and a longtime Republican political strategist with an expertise in Latino voting trends and analysis. Junn is a USC Professor of Political Science and the Associates Chair in Social Sciences, who has authored five books on political participation and public opinion in the United States.